Surface Restoration and Protection

SUPERIOR offers an innovative approach to cleaning.

Our competitors have been using the same OLD equipment and cleaning processes for way too long, not because they work, but because they don’t ever change. SUPERIOR is changing the way cleaning should be done. Our use of innovative equipment increases efficiency by requiring less water, NO harsh chemicals, and fewer man hours. SUPERIOR has developed working relationships with companies worldwide, due to our products, equipment, and best cleaning practices. Our coatings protect century-old buildings, walkways and street art in countries like The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

Our protective coatings coupled with the newest technology in cleaning equipment, like the Cyclone, will keep your property, looking its best.

STEP 1: Clean Properly

STEP 2: Protect with environmentally safe coatings

STEP 3: Maintain with state-of-the-art technology

Cyclone Cleaning

Cyclone Technology’s surface cleaning machines are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other methods. A multi-patented cleaning and recovery system aggressively cleans with no damage to the surface. The Cyclone cleaning system provides high velocity air movement for instant recovery of waste and water with no runoff or discharge to the environment and no need for an external vacuum system. This process allows for a much more fuel-efficient recovery of water from the cleaned surface. The results are a clean surface without standing water that is ready for immediate use.

Key Benefits

  • Instantaneous water recovery with recycle system
  • Chemical free – allows deep impact cleaning with the use of only water and heat
  • Aids in EPA compliance with environmentally friendly technology
  • Increased productivity

Gum Removal

Gum is Graffiti!

SUPERIOR removes gum using innovative and environmentally friendly equipment. Superior protects your concrete walkways and inhibits gum, coffee stains, spills and oil from bonding or permanently staining the surface.

Gum is the unsightly black smudge on your concrete, a blight to your city or school, an environmental concern and a public health issue. It's always hiding on the underside of tables, sticking to shoes or flattened on the pavement and sidewalks.

Chewing gum is NOT biodegradable and it contains disease causing bacteria that will live long after it has been thrown onto your walkway.

  • 560,000 tons of gum manufactured worldwide valued at $19 Billion
  • 175 million Americans used chewing gum in 2017
  • 100,000 tons of gum chewed each year in US
  • 280 sticks of gum consumed by the average person each year
  • $230 million spent annually to remove 7,000 tons of gum from London streets
  • 300,000 pieces of gum removed over three months from a two mile stretch of London’s streets at a cost of between $0.16 cents and $3 to remove each wad of gum

Surface Restoration

Using hard surface cleaning and restoration, SUPERIOR restores and protects your concrete walkways; it inhibits gum, coffee stains, spills and oil from bonding with or permanently staining the surface. SUPERIOR’s surface cleaning machines and products are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other methods. Our team of experts are focused on delivering quality results on every project. SUPERIOR uses the most innovative and advanced methods and coatings available.

Our process is to RESTORE your concrete surface to its highest level of cleanliness, PROTECT your surface with the same products used to protect historical buildings around the world and MAINTAIN your surface so it will always be noticeably clean.

Track Cleaning

Thousands of athletes have competed on Mondo tracks, breaking world records and overcoming their own limits. Mondo tracks have redefined the standards of sports surfaces and are considered the best in the world. SUPERIOR is proud to be called upon to clean and restore Mondo tracks to their rigid standards. SUPERIOR has redefined the standards for cleaning and restoring surfaces to their original, pristine condition.

SUPERIOR uses 4G products from Urban Restoration Group

Surface Protection

We have practical experience protecting surfaces every day!

We offer environmentally friendly surface protective coatings for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Treated surfaces repel water, oil based contaminants and other stains – even graffiti!

Treated surfaces reduce costs:

  • Surfaces are easier to clean
  • Consume less water with less damage to surfaces
  • Require less frequent cleaning
  • Take less time and labor to clean
  • No caustic chemicals needed
  • Invisible to the human eye
  • Environmentally safe, low VOC

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

With the proper use of anti-graffiti coatings, it is possible to make the removal of graffiti easier while protecting the underlying substrate from damage. The correct anti-graffiti coating will eliminate the need to constantly repaint walls or use harsh or extreme removal methods, which ultimately results in further damage of your property.

SUPERIOR not only has expertise in the removal of graffiti, but we also specialize in the application of select anti-graffiti coatings, which have been proven to protect historical buildings worldwide. Sustainability is vital to our cleaning and protection techniques as well as to the products we use in this unique process.

Mural Protection

Mural Protection

SUPERIOR has worked with many groups and organizations fighting to save and promote the restoration of murals. We use a permanent silicon based anti-graffiti coating which allows graffiti to be easily removed with just water. Previously, the standard was to apply a sealer which provided a minimal level of protection for a limited amount of time. We have found most coatings work for a while, until they don’t. If the process of removing the graffiti from a protected mural is too difficult, the graffiti usually wins out. The key to protecting a mural is easy application and long-lasting, easy removal of graffiti.

At SUPERIOR, we believe there is a necessity for the preservation of architectural art (like murals) and realizes that if no one takes action, the loss of something precious can and will happen even in an “enlightened society” such as ours.

Why just clean, when you can



  • Sports Facilities
  • Sidewalk Pavers
  • Convention Centers / Airports
  • Downtown Improvement Assoc.
  • Amusement Parks
  • Public Works Departments
  • Skate Parks
  • Parking Garages
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Transit Companies
  • Public Schools
  • Shopping Malls and Restaurants